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    Voting 'None of the Above'

    hamish campbell

    by hamish campbell

    Current political parties hold an effective monopoly on power. The victorious party swaggers into Downing Street having won a 35% share of the vote, of which a significant percentage voted for them as the 'least worst' option. If you then consider that there may have been a 50 - 60% turnout for the election, what type of mandate is that? Millions of British voters refuse or simply don't bother to vote, feeling that nobody represents them but that they have no alternative choice. These members of the electorate are often accused of apathy, but in reality are often driven by a considered rejection of policies or politicians on offer. These disenfranchised voters need a channel by which they can express an important view. Democracy cannot allow poor quality political parties to take office - the country cannot afford it. No longer should some party be guaranteed access to power irrespective of policies or performance. The bar is currently lying flat on the ground - it is time to raise it...