Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden - Ep 1.10

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After gashing open that arm at Yas' party, Maggie is OK, but her feelings are irreparably damaged from catching Sarah and Jake together. Meanwhile, everyone else is more than happy to have Sarah be the scapegoat-- so that they can, uh, avoid the fact that they were more concerned with partying than getting Maggie to a hospital when she OBV needed stitches. So, *scapegoat time*-- thanks to Travis, the crew instigates a crank calling jag -- harassing Sarah as "revenge" for her evils against Maggie... and THIS is what happens...


"Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden" (OJBG) is a fiercely local and independent web series set in Washington, D.C. about the lives of a group of teenagers in the summer of 1994.

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