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    Miralina Traube

    by Miralina Traube

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    Dzenan Tarakcija
    Check out my short film on:

    All the best
    By Dzenan Tarakcija9 years ago
    Pat ROM
    I'm not the creator of the 3D group it's neit7v but i think that you can also add your 3 videos in the "3D works group" to increase the 3DPOWER ;)
    By Pat ROM10 years ago
    Miralina Traube
    Thank you for your comment, I joined your 3d works group :)
    By Miralina Traube10 years ago
    Pat ROM
    I love this lugubrious environement with sad music and BW color Good job! Where do they go ?What will they do? Explain me...
    Welcome in Dailymotion, Miralina ! join us at the "3d Works" group
    (sorry for my poor english)
    By Pat ROM10 years ago