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    Chia Seeds 2 Pounds Chemical Free An Amazing Food


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    Lots of people are discovering the wonders of chia seeds. They have been used for many centuries and have been found to have a number of benefits. The indigenous people of North America would include a pouch of seeds and a gourd of water in their travel packs. The seeds were known by these people to be an excellent food source; when taken with water, they would also hydrate their bodies, providing endurance. Indeed, warriors and runners throughout history have used the chia seeds for their health benefits. These days, people involved in sports or other physical activity requiring endurance will use the seeds and swear by their efficacy as both a hydrating agent and tonic. The process of soaking the seeds in water makes the shell of the seed open and the seed can absorb around nine times its volume in water, forming a gel. One of chia seeds benefits is obviously to keep your body hydrated.