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    Shen Yun “Fantastic and Beautiful” Says Swedish MP


    by NTDTelevision

    Solveig Tärnström is a Swedish actress, director, scriptwriter and also a Member of the Swedish Parliament. It was her second time seeing Shen Yun perform.
    She says the artistic values in the show left an impression on her.

    [Solveig Tärnström, Swedish Actress and MP]: (Swedish female, natural sound swedish)
    ”The whole show is fantastic and beautiful, with all the colors and divinity. The beautiful artists are just wonderful. It gives you such an incredible feeling, but it also tells us something more. It conveys that there is an opposition that they want to express but are not allowed to express in their country. This is a big tragedy, to not be allowed to visit one’s own country and perform this. To show their history, their pride and all the beauty that China has.”

    She says the show carries an important message for both Chinese and Westerners.

    [Solveig Tärnström, Swedish Actress and MP]: (Swedish female, natural sound swedish)
    ”It has a message for the Chinese people, it has a message for us as well who are not Chinese. Not only the Chinese history, to cherish the history, but of course the spiritual and divine energy that also means a lot to us, not to mention us here in Sweden who are becoming very secular. ”

    NTD News, Sweden.