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The helicopter people didn't know. Which is not an excuse. We do NOT belong there. We never did. This is what happens when you put military in an area. Things get broken, people get killed. We do NOT belong there. As an American I can tell you the gunman on the helicopter and those involved are sick over this. Bradley Manning is a hero to have told us the truth. As horrible as it is, we need to know the truth. Americans who have seen this video are sick over it. Horrified. We need to get out of there & build some hospitals & schools there.
Par Virginia Mannino Il y a 2 ans
ils sont pire que des robot.
Par vince Il y a 4 ans
putin , incrouable , enculés de criminels putin
Par Bruno Il y a 4 ans
Par sami66 sami66 Il y a 5 ans
That American realities I hope us destroy itself
Par usssavageness Il y a 5 ans
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