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    Quarry Landslide Buries 14 in Southwest China


    by NTDTelevision

    A quarry landslide buried five miners and nine drivers under 8.8 million cubic feet of rocks at Shunjiang Quarry near Emei Shan in China’s southwestern Sichuan Province on Wednesday.

    [Mr. Wu, Company Driver]: (Mandarin)
    "The rocks just fell down. This red car rolled in front of me and leaned on my truck and pushed it over. The cab was squeezed. The moment when the windshield broke, I escaped."

    There’s no word if any of the 14 miners survived the massive rockslide that crushed vehicles and huts in its path.

    The landslide also buried nine trucks loaded with ore, as well as an excavator.

    State-run media says there will be an official investigation into the cause of the landslide.