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    Madonna Launches Education Campaign in Malawi


    by NTDTelevision

    Madonna is doing some charity work in Malawi. Accompanied by two of her children, Madonna attended a ceremony for a school she funded. She will also launch a new education campaign.

    Pop star Madonna is visiting Malawi to see construction of a school for orphaned girls that she funded. She’s also launching a new education campaign using mobile technology.

    [Madonna, Singer]: (English)
    "Knowledge is power and every child deserves to have an education, for me there's no other way to end poverty and suffering in the world and to end ignorance and to allow and advocate education for the children every where."

    Accompanied by her daughters Lourdes and Mercy, Madonna will watch the first bricks laid at her school, The Raising Malawi Academy for Girls, located in Chinkhota village.

    She is also scheduled to visit the Millennium Village -- a United Nations-backed project to fight poverty -- along with economist Jeffrey Sachs and CEO of consumer electronics firm Ericsson Hans Vestberg. Madonna and Vestberg will formally announce an education campaign on Tuesday.

    The school became the subject of controversy in Malawi last November when villagers demanded more money for the land that the government has leased to the orphan’s school.

    Madonna’s "Raising Malawi "charity began in 2006.