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    Palestine: Israeli Love Song


    by neverbeforecampaign

    When the Israeli regime feels that it has to create a ministry for propaganda, you know that they are worried. This concern is shared by dedicated Zionists and other misled people all over the world. Their concern is simple: the world is begginning to realize that the Israeli regime and its policies are nothing better than any other, past or present, discriminatory/apartheid regime.

    Along these lines, many documents have been compiled to guide anyone willing to defend the Israeli regime and its policies. Most striking, and what we have been seeing for years by Israeli politicians and advocates, is the focus on the audacious claim that the Israeli regime, and its occupation army, actually cares about the Palestinian people.

    It is the same old story for all oppressors eventually their image comes to fall, and soon afterwards, so do they.

    Many of the photos are by:
    "Michael Ramallah":
    Ahmad Mesleh: