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    Somali Pirates Head Home with Oil Tanker


    by NTDTelevision

    A South Korean oil tanker has been seized by pirates on Sunday in the Indian Ocean. The vessel is now said to be sailing towards one of the pirate enclaves on the Somali coastline.

    Pirates in the Indian Ocean have seized a South Korean oil tanker on Sunday.
    Andrew Mwangura of the Kenya-based East Africa Seafarers Assistance Program says the vessel is carrying 300 thousand tones of crude oil.

    [Andrew Mwangura, East Africa Seafarers Assistance Program]: (English)
    "The South Korean ship, MV Samho Dream was hijacked last Sunday while underway from Iraq to the USA laden with 300,000 tonnes of crude oil. On board are 24 crew members comprised of five Koreans and 19 Filipinos."

    Mwangura says the South Korean navy destroyer, reportedly sent to track the ship, could put the lives of the seamen in danger.

    [Andrew Mwangura, East Africa Seafarers Assistance Program]: (English)
    "The ship is now under control of three gunmen and this is possible are Somali pirates. And she is moving slowly heading to Somali coast and we think she might be heading to Hardheere and we are informed that the South Korean navy are chasing the ship and we think maybe they might put the life of the crew in danger..."

    Sea gangs have acquired millions of dollars in ransoms and defied a fleet of foreign warships that are trying to monitor the region's busy sea routes.