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    Clegg: Labour and Conservatives are 'corrupt'


    by ODN


    Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has criticised Labour and the Conservatives saying they are treating people like fools and under their rule, he says, politics in Britain will remain 'corrupt'.

    In an election event at the Work Foundation, Clegg said that Labour and the Tories are 'blocking vital reforms.'

    With reference to the expenses scandal, Clegg said there should be "very strict rules" on maximum donations to political parties, setting the figure at £10,000.

    Clegg refused to be drawn on the question of his leanings given a hung parliament, saying that if the electorate decide no one party deserves an outright election win, he will deal with that then, but he 'won't speculate' before.

    He also said that his party will make sure people look at politics with "pride", putting "power in hands of citizens not politicians."

    The Lib Dem leader is in Liverpool for the second day of campaigning.