WWE John Cena Raps On Brock Lesnar


par Shadic

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try --> bit.ly/1pduAWS or po.st/k2pD5M
Par derstutisti1984L'année dernière
cena and lesnar can suck! but lesnar have a cool and powerful finisher (F5)
Par JuanJoIl y a 9 ans
Superstars like Undertaker, Kurt Angle, and The Rock jobbed to Lesnar in order to push him in the main event. And he repays the WWE by leaving right after his second Wrestlemania. Better to have John "carry the match for me" Cena as the champ rather than Brock "I'd rather have another career" Lesnar.
Par jp3183Il y a 9 ans
ok people, wrestling is staged, brock lesnar is a really good amature wrestler, john cena is , hummmmmmmm is entertaining?
Par DonSangreIl y a 9 ans
betty boo
what up cena's the champ not let it out just to keep it realz
Par betty booIl y a 9 ans
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