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View Barbie in a Mermaid Tale Full-blown Movie Online Completely Free of charge at http://moviesdatacenter67.tk Barbie stars as Merliah, a surfing champion from Malibu. While in a surfing contest, unusual features come about. Because the sprays of water contact her hair, it turns into pink. In the crowds shocked reaction, Merliah dives in to the ocean wherever a dolphin speaks to her and she discovers she can breathe underwater. Her mates Hadley and Fallon blame it on concussion in the vast wave but Merliah thinks otherwise. In your own home, she inquiries her grandfather Break and he tells her the truth. Her father did die in an automobile accident but in advance of that, he married a mermaid. The mermaid started to be pregnant and had a half-h Merliah does not think him at to start with till she threw her shell neckalace out of anger plus the necklace exhibits a picture of her mom. Zuma- a pink dolphin which spoke to her tells her that she will be the princess of Oceana. Her mom is Calissa, the Queen of Oceana, but Calissa's evil sister Eris has stolen the throne. As well as Zuma, Merliah sets off to rescue her mom. Kayla and Xylie- owners of Oceana's boutique, give Merliah a mermaid makeover. Just after that, they look for the Destinies to learn what are they supposed to try and do. They reveal that in an effort to overthrow Eris and conserve Oceana, they will need 3 elements: The Celestial Comb, A dreamfish, and Eris' individual protective necklace. hd, hq, trailer, film, entertainment, 2009, 2010, free, watch, movies, online, stream, streaming, full