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    Pawn Stars on HISTORY: Helmet Head 4/5 (promo)

    History Channel

    by History Channel

    Airs 4/5 at 10pm on HISTORY! The Pawn Stars have a chance to shoot and score with a 2006 NBA Championship Ring. Will the gang make the big score or will a surprise Shaq Attack throw the shop off its game? Then Rick considers buying a highly collectible 1964 Austin Healey. Can Rick put the pedal to the metal for this fast British car, or will he find out the hard way there is nothing "simple" about an Austin Healey? And later a man walks into the shop with an extremely old and rare diving helmet from the 1800's. Will Rick sink some serious cash into this piece of early sea exploration, or will he find the deal just can't stay afloat? Visit the official fan page and follow HISTORY on Twitter