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    Lazywall - Cold Like A Bitch


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    lazywall official

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    Official video for the song "Cold Like A Bitch"
    Recorded @ Souk Asylum Studios
    (c) 2010 Souk Asylum Records

    The roads are drowning out in town, I see them drowning full of blood
    We are more anaesthesized, we have to thank our TV lords
    You're putting more eyes out in space, you say it's for a safer world
    I'll never give my freedom up and I'm not the only one

    Under your eye I burn to bleed, overrun by all I've seen
    TV kills my empathy, I'm no viper yet I feed
    You can't control what on my mind, I'm taking back my wings to fly
    I'll look at you straight in your eye, you are the viper

    You're dosing in your happy farm while the world lies in the fire
    I know we're heading deep in hell cos I see further through your lies
    I'm not an island in a sea i can see more people like me
    Fighting for what we believe fighting for our liberty