Apple iPad LCD Display and Glass Replacement Guide

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This video will show you how to replace the lcd display and glass digitizer in an Apple iPad.

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If you are just replacing the glass (like I just did), you really need to know some things. If you do not receive the glass and the plastic frame that holds the glass and LCD panel, you will have to remove the broken glass from the plastic frame. What nobody tells you is that the glass is very firmly glued to that frame. I spent a lot of time chipping away at all of the glass fragments to clean that plastic to hold the new glass. It can be done, but it's a hassle. Also, if you are only replacing the glass you don't need to detach all of the cables. If you just detach the one ribbon cable going from glass to motherboard, you could leave the rest attached. If I did this again, I wouldn't even take the LCD panel out of that frame to replace the glass ... but, you have to be very careful to not damage the LCD while chipping away all of the little glued glass fragments attached to that frame ... this repair, because of fiddling with glass, took 4 hours.
By Doug2525 4 years ago