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    The Smokey Bandits ! painting/3d animation by tony danis

    tony  danis

    με tony danis

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    The Smokey Bandits is a band consisting of 14 members and musically moving in a range of up gotan Project and Calexico, always using a very clever way elements of the Greek and Balkan music, giving a unique dynamic to their sound .

    The Smokey Bandits project began in October 2007 in Athens at the studio Quasamodo and ended with the latest configurations and mixes in Thessaloniki in February 2009.
    Their sound is mainly influenced by the soundtrack cult film directors such as Quentin Tarantino, Guy Ritchie, Danny Boyle and Pedro Almodóvar. The idea for the music of Smokey Bandits is to combine music from different decades or even better, give a more contemporary character to the music of the past so they can appreciate the younger generations. The second core idea is to be able to combine traditional music of the 20th century around the world starting from the Greek, Balkan, Mediterranean music through to the Mexican, surf western, brazilian and afro latin music.

    Business as usual at the home of Smokey Bandits: basslines come and go, relax in the living trumpets, the trombones and accordions are lying, and congas, bongos Marrakech and arguing for the last Tarantino film. The flutes want to assume the leadership of the house while Waltz and Tango drink champagne and guitars and Rhodes sit back and watch (once again) in "Smokey And The Bandit" (their favorite movie).

    They spent hundreds of hours in their studio discussing, writing music, smoking (so that when friends were coming through the grievance was Hey! So Smokey here), cutting 50's and 60's Jazz and Swing samples regardless of whether they have not used anything from them. This is the beginning of a long journey, Debut ", a record label without music because it is itself a new kind. True, honest and real music for everyone; .. The Smokey Bandits here.