Thailand - Breaking the silence on domestic violence


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"Thailand - Breaking the silence on domestic violence" : Television personality, constitutional law expert and former Miss Thailand, Khun Areewan has always been a symbol of glamour and inspiration. And, as more people are finding out that she is also a victim of domestic violence, she has become a symbol of defiance and strength.
From a young age I have been brought up in a structure of the Thai family where women arent equal to men, she said. My boyfriend wanted to get married. I introduced him to my parents. Thats when he started beating me. At that time I thought this was his way of loving me.
For years, she accepted the abuse. Like many women in her situation, she made excuses for what was happening. But one day she found the courage to leave. I realized I was a victim of domestic violence. This was the starting point of my interest in women issues...

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