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Paris Earth Tour 2010

il y a 8 ans41 views



Candles and plenty of enthusiasm decorate the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, as the lights go out.
Shotlist :
1 - Board
2 - 1600 Candles form the figure sixty
3 - Eiffel Tower with lights ON
4 - Crowd counting down to switch off
5 - Soundbite (French) :
Serge Orru, Directeur Général WWF-France : « With Earth Hour, WWF shows that is possible to inspire massively people on climate change issues. Earth Hour is definitely the most powerful symbolic display for promoting the urgency of acting against climate change »
Denis Baupin, vice-mayor of Paris in charge of sustainable development: « It is very important to show to politicians that is time to lead because it's not to late to act. Thank you WWF. »
Jean Jouzel, vice-president of IPCC: « Beside politicians, we need to make people understand

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Paris Earth Tour 2010
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