LingZhi - the Medicinal Treasure!

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  • Add to We all want to practice healthy living and an enormous range of health products are available. Judging which product is right for you in these times can be hard, especially with something as unfamiliar in North America as LingZhi, a red mushroom extract. LingZhi may be unfamiliar to many North Americans, but it is widely recognized and well-regarded in Asian cultures. The Japanese, who enjoy the longest lifespan in the world, regularly boil Reishi and place it in soup. And its history as a folk medicine goes back 2,000 years to China, where an ancient-period book lists the red mushroom as an ingredient in 365 kinds of medicine. What the Chinese and Japanese have known for centuries medical researchers in North America are finally discovering! Several scientific journals have published studies acknowledging LingZhi as a potent ally in tackling several ailments. The H1N1 virus (Swine flu), the Avian flu, who knows what else tomorrow … we cannot hope to resist these without a strong immune system. LingZhi/Reishi is a powerful weapon against the chemical agents that weaken your resistance to viruses, germs and other toxins. What can LingZhi(Reishi) do to your health? Packed with proteins, vitamins, minerals, organic germanium and numerous polysaccharides, a 2005 investigation found LingZhi/Reishi to have inhibited the growth of plant pathogens. Low blood pressure is one of the greatest rewards from regular use of LingZhi/Reishi, combined with a healthy diet and exercise. The red mushroom extract is highly effective at tackling clusters of platelets in the blood and preventing coagulation. And a healthier bloodstream is not all. A 2006 study published in Leukemia Research confirmed LingZhi/Reishi as effective in therapy for hematologic malignancies and that LingZhistopped the growth of leukemia, lymphoma and multiple myeloma cancer cells. Scientific studies suggest the glucan in LingZhi/Reishi is helpful in fighting tumors. Whatever more research determines, LingZhi unquestionably ...