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    Tokyo Residents Enjoy Cherry Blossoms in Full Bloom


    by NTDTelevision

    Tokyo is in full bloom today. Cherry blossom trees around the city are encrouaging many Japanese to spend some time outside with friends and family, appreciating the sights of spring.

    Many Japanese are thrilled to see cherry blossoms this time of year. The pale pink flowers are in full bloom, a time many flock to parks across the country for picnics under the cherry trees.

    [Tetsu, Student]: (Female, Japanese)
    "Cherry blossoms are in full bloom and it's beautiful."

    [Akari Minami, Tokyo Resident]: (Female, Japanese)
    "Cherry blossoms in pink and white are cute and pretty."

    People wait for hours to reserve the best spots in the parks for their flower-viewing parties.

    [Megumi Kohara, Student]: (female, Japanese)
    "I really enjoy sitting down here with my friends eating and joking around."

    Parties beneath the cherry trees can go on all day and night, especially during the weekends. It is a spring tradition held among families, friends and co-workers.

    [Tsuneo Ikuhara, Tokyo Resident]: (male, Japanese)
    "Cherry blossoms bloom for such a short period of time and then they fall off the way in a dramatic way and I like to enjoy them while drinking."

    In Japan, the cherry blossoms are also associated with new beginnings as the country's business and school years start on April 1st.

    There are some 300 varieties of cherry blossoms.