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    13 years old young pretty girl possessed by Demon in front o

    Ngoh Kwong Meng

    by Ngoh Kwong Meng

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    A 13 young girl suddenly become abnormal and screaming like crazy in her apartment. She is a great student and visited a village before she came back home. Nobody know what happen in that village. It seem like something is approaching her and she is so fearful. Will she be alright

    I believe we are finding that what many call demons are in fact what many people have termed as
    shadow ghosts (dark shadows). A shadow ghost is often seen out of one's peripheral vision. They
    are earthbound, dis-embodied people, who have not moved on unto the light, their loved ones and
    life-review (all of which is part of a cleansing process). Darkness does not necessarily mean a
    ghost is bad; darkness (as Jesus also spoke of) is indicative of a lack of understanding, ignorance,
    being lost, and of course negativity. Some dark spirits can be very negative and troublesome, but
    so can some of the people around us that have bodies. We believe that some ghosts (peop