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    South Korea Unveils Video of Ship Rescue Operation


    by NTDTelevision

    The search for survivors continues for a ship that sank off the coast of South Korea last Friday. And new video released by the South Korean coast guard shows that the search has been none too easy for survivors.

    On Tuesday, the South Korean coast guard unveiled a video of rescue operations in a ship disaster where 46 sailors are still missing.

    The video was shot on Friday, when the Cheonan went down off the west coast of the Korean peninsula, near the disputed Yellow Sea border.

    Only 58 of the 104 sailors have been rescued from the sinking ship, and search operations continue.

    Families have urged military officials to step up their efforts, as they wait for news on their missing loved ones.

    But on Monday the South Korean defense ministry said that there was no sign of survival for the missing sailors.

    There were reports of an explosion, but what triggered the blast is still unknown.

    An investigation is underway, but South Korea has ruled out involvement by North Korea.

    The site where the ship sank was the scene of two deadly naval fights between the rival Koreas in the past decade.

    Naval forces from the rival Koreas exchanged gunfire for the first time in seven years in the Yellow Sea waters last November, damaging vessels on both sides.