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    Degrassi Junior High - s03e02 - "Can't Live With 'Em" -(2/2)


    by degrassiangee

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    s03e02 - "Can't Live With 'Em - Part 2" - (Part 2 of 2)

    Original Air Date: Monday November 7, 1988

    With no one knowing what to say following the death of his parents, Wheels finds himself in a deep depression and unable to attend school or continue playing in The Zit Remedy.

    Yick is shocked to learn Arthur's mother won over a million dollars in the lottery over the summer and even more surprised when Arthur tells him he wants to keep it a secret.

    Meanwhile, Lucy's friendships are affected by her new relationship with Paul, Kathleen and Nancy continue to vie for the position of school president, and Spike is shocked when Shane voluntarily decides to give her child support for the baby he isn't allowed to see.