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    Degrassi Junior High - s03e01 - "Can't Live With 'Em" -(1/2)


    by degrassiangee

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    s03e01 - "Can't Live With 'Em - Part 1" - (Part 1 of 2)

    Original Air Date: Monday November 7, 1988

    The new school year begins with Wheels' parents forbidding him to hang out with Joey, as a continuing punishment for their joyride last year. As The Zit Remedy prepares to finally record a demo of "everybody wants something," Wheels is forced to sneak out to Joey's house to record while his parents are at the movies. When Wheels arrives home, he's shocked to learn his parents have been killed by a drunk driver.

    Yick becomes suspicious when Arthur shows up on the first day of school wearing an expensive leather jacket and telling tales of Stephanie being sent away to an even more expensive private school.

    Meanwhile, Lucy catches the eye of Paul while at Borden High, Kathleen rejects Melanie's offer to be her campaign manager for the looming election, and Spike keeps Shane away from their baby girl, Emma.