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    Godzilla vs. The Space Monsters

    Frank Montalbano

    by Frank Montalbano

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    Truculentgrande614 ----> view it on this url
    Frank Montalbano
    I got it from a sound effects CD.
    By Frank Montalbano4 years ago
    Michael Polzer
    I love how even though there is hardly any stop motion that the movements to the figures are so realistic. I also really like the fighting styles, it's not just beams and fire, but actually beating and fighting. Gigan is my favorite Godzilla Villian, will we see him again? And where did you get the Gigan Flying sound?
    By Michael Polzer4 years ago
    Mebius Fudo
    a inuyasha song at 21:39 to 22:56 nice!
    By Mebius Fudo4 years ago
    I laugh so hard at the end!
    By Dinosorable4 years ago
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