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    Kabbalah Meditation - Shadai El Chai -

    Ralph Buckley

    by Ralph Buckley

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    Shaddai El Chai - Qabbala Meditation This is music for meditation...whether you're into Qabbala or not. Shaddai El Chai - Almighty Living God It is the Divine Name associated with Yesod - The 9th Sephira Picture yourself in a circle....surrounded by candles. In the center of the circle is your lover-your goddess/god. She/He awaits for you to come to her/him. To perform the ultimate in creativity. The Creation of Love - Energy - Life No one can deny the incredible energy created when two come together & join as ONE. For those aware of the 'Spirit Body'...the experience becomes that much more. Yesod is that subtle basis upon which the physical world is based. On the Tree of Life it represents the Sphere of the Moon. It also rules the generative organs. It is the astral world- the dreamworld - the imagination. Everything action that occurs in this dimension comes down to us from the higher worlds. "Imagination is the key" MUNDUS ARCHETYPAS IMAGINALIS Imagination-magi-magic-mage- imagine-magician Ma(tter) Ma(Mother) Ma(thematics)... Virgin-Mother-Crone Before this frequency changes, there will inevitably be chaos.