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    Degrassi Junior High - s02e11 - "Trust Me" - (2 of 2)


    by degrassiangee

    s02e11 - "Trust Me" - (Part 2 of 2)

    Original Air Date: Monday March 14, 1988

    Snake's parents go out-of-town for the weekend, leaving him home alone. Joey and Wheels convince him to let them sleep over. When they oversleep, an underage Joey drives Wheels to an appointment in Snake's parents car. All goes well until they see another vehicle bump into the car while it is parked. They spend all their money getting the taillight fixed, only later to discover that Snake's father had broken it himself the week prior.

    Heather and Erica are outraged when they find out Spike is being thrown out of school, and they feel helpless. Mr. Raditch tells them that one way they can help is to deliver Spike's assignments to her at home.