HP DV2000 Blank Screen Nvidia video problem. BGA reflow Fix!

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Peter Privitera
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HP DV2000 Blank Screen Nvidia video problem. BGA reflow Fix! We demo how to fix an HP DV2000 laptop with the Nvidia blank black screen problem. This is a heat related failure that leads to BGA NVidia video issues and total video failure. I have had huge request for this model so at your request here it is! Fresh from the Rebootit Labs! Check out our webiste for more details and contact info! http://rebootit.biz/kissimmee-repair/kissimmee-hp-dv2000-repair This BGA video reflow fix works on the following laptops, fit as many as I could fit in the description. Pavilion dv2000T Pavilion dv2001TX Pavilion dv2002TX Pavilion dv2003TU Pavilion dv2004TU Pavilion dv2005EA Pavilion dv2005XX Pavilion dv2006TX Pavilion dv2007TU Pavilion dv2008TU Pavilion dv2009TU Pavilion dv2010EA Pavilion dv2011EA Pavilion dv2012EA Pavilion dv2013EA Pavilion dv2014EA dv2015EA dv2015TX dv2016TX


how about using heat resistant tape instead of electrical tape?
By Daniel Santos last year
Hi Peter. I have an HP DV2000 that someone gave me and from the start it had issues powering on, and with Wifi and CD-Rom detection, etc, I've read that it is all due to the GPU problem. I'm a Computer Tech so I plan to attempt to perform the fix myself. I have a heat gun which I purchased for the same problem on the 1st generation Sony PS3. I just ordered a Copper shim from ebay of 20mm x 200mm x 1.5mm for $1.00 because I read someone used this and high quality thermal paste to fix theirs, they said there is a gap of 2.5mm between the GPU and the factory sync. After watching your video I realized you used a very large copper sheet, but your video did not say what the thickness of the copper was. Can you provide the thickness, and the width and length you used? Can you tell me where I can get it?
By Paulcomtois last year