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    by GraniteStoreSeattle

    61 views | Granite Countertops In Seattle If you are planning a kitchen or bathroom remodel in the Seattle area, give a call at (360) 761-0915. They will work with you to figure out which granite countertops are best for your home. Their experienced team of designers and fabricators will work with you to craft an exquisite countertop wherever you may need it. If you live in any of the neighborhoods in zip codes: 98199, 98168, 98129, 98101, 98055, 98030, 98089, 98371, 98375 and 98004, you are in their service area. Granite countertops make a dramatic impact in any home. The most common installations are in the kitchen, but they also work great as bathroom counters, bathtub surrounds, fireplace surrounds, and even custom outdoor barbecue counters. The experience pros at can craft granite into just about any shape and size you might want, so bring your ideas and imagination to them to get the counter of your dreams. Installing new countertops isn't the type of project that the average homeowner can do on their own. They are one of the most expensive parts of any remodel, so it is important that you have someone who is qualified and experienced help you get it done right, the first time. Our fabricators and installers have the experience to do just that! High quality granite is rare with most countertop fabricators. Most will use a low quality raw material, then apply a multitude of waxes and polishes to conceal all of the flaws. At we only use the highest quality available, so you know that your new counters are going to look great for a lifetime. Another difficult aspect of choosing granite counter tops is navigating through the infinite number of colors that are available. Granite is naturally stunning, but finding the color to match your home is tough. The staff at is trained to work with you to find the perfect compliment to your cabinets, and the rest of your home. Upgrading to granite ...