The life of Bhagwan Mahavir- Shocking Facts 3/3 *Must Watch*

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This Video is base upon encyclopedia of Jainism and other Jain Scriptures. Please Watch all the parts as they contain very important information about The life of Mahavir Ji. for more information please visit


isko joote nahi pade kyunki wohi pakhandi mahavir je bola hai ki " hinsa mat karo"
By nicecohortm September
hahaha ek aur self made sadhu... got views by uploading negatives about other religion
By nicecohortm September
The person speaking even can not read the Hindi, he is saying Thirthkar instead of Thirthankar, how come he can give correct picture. You know why Marichi took so many bad birth because when Rishabdev told to Maricihi, ( as per Madbhagvat Rishbdev 8th avtar of Vishnu, all the person including Hindu offer pooja in temple of Rishdev near Udaipur ) you will loose your path, he became angry with lord & left Jain Muni & started 363 religion in different life that is why he sometime become cat dog etc, but later on when he was lion catching the deer, took the teaching from jain saint & left meat. due to that on next 10th birth he became lord mahavir.
I believe now you understood the actual fact.
If you have any query please let me know.
By ritujkhi 4 years ago