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    Studi Ekskursi to Surabaya and Bali

    Rahmat Miftahul Habib

    oleh Rahmat Miftahul Habib

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    They're my college friends. This's our vid that we made be4 n when we'd the Studi Ekskursi to Surabaya n Bali.
    This's my documentation with my cellphone, so I'm sorry if the quality is not good.
    Actually, I've used my cam when in Bali, but unfortunately I didn't realize the battery was low, n when in Tanah Lot Beach the battery was empty.. hiks.. T__T
    We went there almost 5 years ago with some of our lecturers, separated in 5 buses.

    I found this file on my disk, n I try to make the compilation.

    Just for remember the warm of friendship n the fun of traveling :)
    Enjoy it...

    See also the next part of this vid,
    My College Friends Compilation Video

    I also give Indonesian n English Subtitling.
    Maybe some have mistaken cause I'm still learning. And sorry if the pic is bad cause it just taken by QCIF Cam :)

    Download the original file:
    or here: