75 Gallon Reef Tank, Low tech, Low Maintence.

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I've had a this tank's contents for 4 years, but just moved it into the 75. I have two 175w Metal Halides on this tank. I like it because it is at eye level. The skimmer barely works and is a pain to adjust (any tips?) I've got 4 Seos for more water movement then I have had before.Noticed better Coral growth because of it. I only run about a handful of substrate and am loving how coraline algae is growing on the bottom glass. I do about 15 gallons every two weeks with RO and Reef Crystals. I LOVE Seachem's Calcium and add a half a cap (2.5ml or so every other day) No set schedule. Everything coral you see was under $20 when I got it. (minus live rock) That Clown is 4 years old, Tang is 3. That's all I keep in there fish wise. I'm happy with this tank for the little I've spent and effort I put into it....planted tanks are my main focus, but this is a good change. Ask away, thanks for looking.....the last 15 seconds are me trying to show my empty 220...excited.