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    Aarey milk get spoilt due to broken or unclean crates

    MiD Day Multimedia Ltd

    by MiD Day Multimedia Ltd

    Aarey dairy announced increased commission for its booth owners recently, but the announcement has brought little happiness to the Mangeshikar family from Ghatkopar (E) who are manning an Aarey booth for 40 years. The senior Mangeshikar, Maruti (85) is now bedridden. His wife Malini (76) continues to run the booth. She says plunging milk sales negate whatever profit-increased commission may have brought her. Besides, the upgrade in commission what was needed too, was better facilities and infrastructure. Old Aarey crates for instance, needed to be thrown out and replaced. Milk is continuing to be carted in 40-year-old crates.

    Story & Video By - Vinod Kumar Menon,Mid-Day