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    Tony Blair backs Brown for election


    by ODN


    Former PM Tony Blair has put his official support behind Gordon Brown and Labour to win the General Election.

    Speaking in his old constituency of Sedgefield at Trimdon Labour Club - where he announced his resignation in 2007 - he said that Alistair Darling and Gordon Brown had been striving to keep the country moving.

    He said: "At the moment of peril the world acted. Britain acted. The decision to act required experience, judgement and boldness. It required leadership. Gordon Brown supplied it," he said.

    He attacked the Conservative Party claiming that they did not seem like they were certain of which way to go. He dismissed the Conservative leader's "time for change" slogan as "the most vacuous in politics".

    Ed Miliband, Climate Change Secretary, said: "I'm sure he'll play a very important role in our campaign... because of the experience he brings."

    The General Election is yet to be called but it is widely expected to be held on May 6.