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    Inset vs. Bleed Trim and Safety Print Layout


    by stickergiant

    Inset vs. Bleed border. A bleed border is needed if your artwork goes off the side of the sticker. So here is a 4x6 euro oval. The red line is the cut line and the green the safety line. If you have an inset border or anything inset it needs to be inside that safety zone so important things don’t get cut off of your sticker. Here is a quick close up, notice the border is right inside the safety line. Now I’ll make one with that has a bleed. If you want your artwork to go off of the side of the sticker it needs a bleed. The bleed needs to be 1/8 of an inch so when it is cut there is no chance of loosing artwork.. Now you know the differnce between a inset and bleed border. Thanks for watching..