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    Big Cat Filmed In Herefordshire

    Earl Morningstarr

    by Earl Morningstarr


    A large black cat has been filmed prowling across fields in rural Herefordshire this week.

    Steve Hall from Hereford contacted the Hereford Times yesterday when he managed to to capture video footage of a large black cat resembling a panther crossing farmland near Newtown Crossroads.

    Steve was out with his friend Dave Went walking their dogs when they spotted the beast.

    “It was just walking across the hedge and then it saw us and sat in the hedge a bit watching.” Steve said.

    “I thought I saw one a few years ago but I wasn’t too sure as it was dark, but this footage proves they are local. It was far too big to be a domestic cat.”

    There have been numerous sightings of big cats stalking the Herefordshire countryside, but not for many years.

    “I go out all the time in the countryside and know the difference between a cat and a dog,” Mr Hall told the Times.

    “This was definitely a big cat.”