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    Little Roy - Samba

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    Little Roy - Samba (the story of a rastaman)
    Record date : 1981

    Samba is goin' to school
    Samba under parents is ruled
    straight under parents his guidance
    but Samba no fool to ask Jah for protection
    then Samba comin' home
    comin home with the eyes dem red
    then Samba comin' home
    and he's nattin' up his head
    and he's dread
    so dread

    so his ma and his pa and his teacher
    claim Samba to look for every Job
    tryin to comprehend but they just could not understand
    tryin to comprehend but the natty just won't let go
    Then Mama turned and say
    you comin home with your eyes dem red
    then papa turned and say
    the boy is turning a natty dread
    and he's dread
    so dread

    why you're actin' so???

    so they cut down on his bus fee
    and lock off Samba's lunch money
    goin' to school, workin every day
    and food in the day time they 'vn't got any to share
    then Samba turned and say
    you're ma family, but your judgement a go dread
    you're my family, you can't stand even from being a dread

    Mixing Engineer : Scientist

    Producer : Little Roy

    Backing Vocals : Marcia Griffiths & Mary Gardner & Anthony Ellis
    Drums : Horsemouth Wallace & Albert Malawi
    Bass : Bagga Judah & Ian Lewis
    Rhythm Guitar : Bugs & Duggie
    Lead Guitar : Roger Lewis & Dalton Brownie & Little D
    Piano : Ewan Gardner & Gladstone Anderson
    Organ : Pablo Black & Touter Harvey
    Horns : Vin Gordon & Dirty Harry & Bobby Ellis
    Percussions : Paul Dixon
    Congos : Sticky
    Studios :
    Recording : Channel One (Kingston, JA)
    Mixing : Harry J (Kingston, JA)