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    Barrington Levy - Hypocrites

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    Barrington Levy - Hypocrites
    Record date : 1982

    I can see so many hypocitism
    everyone a talkin' this n' talkin' that
    watching how I cook my pot Jah Jah
    they always say I'm doin' the right thing
    and behind me they try to su-su su-su su-su on me
    I want to show dem that I'm a Rastaman
    to mek the people know...
    my culture !
    so you see
    I've got so stand up on my feet
    I'd like to carry on my work
    every man got a talent
    I got my talent
    I've got to show dem what it is all about
    I've got to say...

    all I can see so many hypocrits
    man and man juss fightin' against their brother
    and if I don't mek sure that I am on the right side
    I have to beg Jah for forgiveness
    If I cook dung plen' john tom gwaan tell Miss B
    they always tink of me and I don't see dem
    but one ting more I've got to control
    excuse me while I smoke my spliff
    so you see
    you got a little time to sniff
    All I have got is good good sensi' love
    to give you baby is juss that all
    I see
    I know wealth was su-su su-su on me
    so many watty watty and peop'
    pimpin' on me
    all I have seen so many hipocritism
    everyone should show the way
    no man should never watch my business
    you shouldn't do the tings to me
    I know a Man who understand...

    Engineer : Steven Stewart & Scientist
    Mixing Engineer : Jim Fox
    Producer : Milton Welch
    Backing Band : The Roots Radics

    Studios :
    Recording : Channel One (Kingston, JA) & Tuff Gong (Kingston, JA)
    Lion & Fox (USA)