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    Big Daddy's Car lot Mega TV kodf 26 DFW


    by roddy1973

    MEGA 26 wants to help you grow your business! GDHCC and MEGA 26 would like to present the Mega Incentivo Para Negocios Locales. Ever dreamed of advertising on television, but found it to be expensive and time consuming? Well, it’s never been more affordable to advertise on Television. The Mega Incentivo program is designed to prove the effectiveness of local Television Advertising, build your company’s advertising budget, and improve your bottom line. We bet you’ll be so happy that you’ll turn into a loyal client. Your business may have the best enchiladas in Dallas, an unbeatable deal on car insurance, or a fantastic and unique product. But without a platform to shout it out, no one will ever know! Well we have a platform that reaches hundreds of thousands of Latinos in Dallas/Fort Worth every day. MEGA TV is the Fastest growing Hispanic Network in the Nation, and as a brand new station in Dallas, we have unbeatable rates. So why not let Mega 26 improve your bottom line? Just click the link below to see sample videos and learn more about this incredible offer: