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    Satellite TV for PC Watch over 3,000 channels!


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    Stop wasting money on pricey cable and satellite TV bills ... watch them on your PC for free

    Satellite TV for PC lets you watch your favorite movies, tv shows, cartoons, and more all for free!

    How it works : Satellite TV for PC is a software designed to let you watch thousands of hosted shows, and movies that are on popular channels that you would find within your cable or satellite tv subscriptions. The programs are hosted through a CDN (content delivery network) in which you will be able to receive these channels and watch them right on your PC for free!
    The convenience of watching Satellite TV on your PC * You will never have to pay for another cable or satellite tv subscription in your life! Satellite TV for PC is a one time purchase software, where you will be able to watch thousands of TV channels including movies all for free! You won't have to pay your monthly bills when you can cut down and watch TV right in front of your computer screen.