MALCOLM X & FARRAKHAN: Regime Change, Part V



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Exposes Farrakhan's ego-maniacal and delusional efforts to exalt himself above Malcolm X. Also covers highly questionable claims made by Farrakhan concerning his own mother's alleged efforts to “abort/kill” him.

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The issue is not one of exposing farrakhan. that is a big bandwagon. the real struggle, which Malcolm advanced was moving blacks back towards non European concepts about God. It is wrong to worship a man. That was Malcolm's greatest teaching to black people. It doesn't matter if the man is black or white. No man should worship another. I am not asking you to attack black Christians, but I am saying that when you go after farrakhan, you are going after an easy target when the real 300 pound gorilla out there maintaining ignorance is not the NOI, but blacks believing worshiping master's god is the way to freedom and that fight is scary and takes the real courage. Are you up for it?
By AbdurRahmanX 5 years ago