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    MWF - Good Housekeeping Match - Carl Choquette VS Josianne


    by Egomaniac67

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    The week prior to this match, Josianne battled Sweet Cherry in a good 10 minutes match. However, Carl Choquette saw it otherwise as he interfered after it was done. Saying he lost 10 minutes of his life that he'll never get back, he mentionned that women wrestling is a joke and that it shouldnt be put on the same level as men's. Josianne said that she was proud of women wrestling and she challenged Choquette to a match the following week to prove him she's as good if not better then he his. Choquette accepted on one condition... Good Housekeeping Match where everything related to a house (food, object, you name it) is legal. Josianne accepted and offered to shake hand with Choquette on it, but he attacked her with the "Showcase Showdown" leaving her motionless in the middle of the ring. On this video, MWF No Remorse 2010, will Carl Choquette back up his thoughts on women wrestling or will Josianne The Pussycat defend the honor of women in the wrestling industry ?