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    Tether to the internet (Wifi) hotspot with Wow Mobile

    Bob Ullman

    by Bob Ullman

    326 views Bob Ullman 603-888-7788 I can tether to the internet with my Wow Mobile phone. That means that I no longer have to pay Verizon $59 for an air card and I have high speed internet on my lap top wherever I am (higher in 3g). The best part is that my service is free and it includes unlimited use of the phone or the internet. No contracts or credit checks either. IIt's free because I found three other people who are interested in free mobile phone service. This is'nt hard to do. Join my poweful Global team today. I will show you how to turn this into a great business and teach you my internet marketing skills. WOW MOBILE HAS FREE CELL PHONE SERVICE! MAKE MONEY FASTER THAN YOU EVER DREAMED POSSIBLE AND SKYROCKET YOUR WOW MOBILE WITH WOW MOBILE WOW Mobile unlimited anytime calls, email, text messaging, internet, data. Best mobile phone service plan The following is a tutorial on setting up WOW Mobile on your Phone and PC. It is a remote desktop app for mobile phones. ...