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    LGWI Star Zoo 009 (The Musical)


    by Grimith

    Have you ever wanted to see someone fly through eight levels of Star Zoo in under eleven minutes? You have!? Well, have you wanted said flight to be accompanied by music? Absolutely delightful, and incredibly lucky, for I have JUST the video to suit your fancy!

    Ladies and gentlemen, Liberals and Moderates, I grant you... "Let's Get On With It - Star Zoo: The Musical"!

    MUSIC: There are two music tracks in this video; "Lines Build Walls," by Ehren Starks; and "Citadel of Self," by Heir to Madness. Both of these tracks, obtained through Magnatune, are used under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. Consequently, this video falls under the same license.

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