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    Real Cash Payout for Gold at Jays Gold Party Video


    by greenpoint1



    The fine citizen who wrote the nasty comments below is a ghost and perhaps a jealous competitor. The endless array of video and written testimonials at the website received by Jays Gold Party are proof and testament to the fact that Jay is one of the good guys. Namless name callers should get a life...have any doubts call Jay'll be glad you did. Case closed...
    By greenpoint15 years ago
    Jay's Gold is nothing more than a fraudulent operation. I checked with the local city and found out that he is not a licensed dealer. In fact, what the city told me was that businesses like Jay's Gold pay cash because Jay never reports his income to the IRS and state. They told me the legitimate store dealers are required to hold the gold jewelry for 30 days in case it's stolen and also they report all their purchases to the police. People like Jay who brag that they bring cash at the parties only do that because the sellers think they have to report the income, but the city said in almost every case, there is no income because we bought our gold at retail and sold it less than wholesale. I called LA county and Ventura County and nobody has heard of him, and they said it was a felony for him to buy gold without a license. I did not sell because he is not legit, and if he is willing to do it illegally, then he will probably be willing to cheat me on the weight or karat. Stay away!
    By gspaulding5 years ago