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    Degrassi Junior High - s01e04 - "The Cover Up" - (1 of 2)


    by degrassiangee

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    s01e04 - "The Cover Up" - (Part 1 of 2)

    Original Air Date: Sunday February 8, 1987

    Joey's mother ruins his favourite jean jacket; Joey needs a new one, and Rick's got one to sell. While at Rick's house, Joey discovers that Rick's bruises aren't the results of school yard fights, but of an abusive father. Joey, with bruises of his own from a skateboarding accident, asks Doris for advice, without saying who he's talking about. She assumes the worst and calls the Children's Aid Society, who send a caseworker to Joey's home. The caseworker sees Rick, and offers help; although angry at first, Rick is relieved when he gets to go live with his brother. Seeing that Rick always looks mad, Caitlin and Susie try to make him smile.