Student Come Dancing 2010 (Highlights)



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NB: Seeing as the whole programme totals 54 mins (great as it is, that's a lot of time to ask you to spend watching something!), this is a rather hastily arranged 11 mins 'highlights' package. Excuse the somewhat messy transitions between bits of the show in places. But it provides a good feel for the programme as a whole...hopefully!

Full video:

Best Programme (CUTV), Best Editing (James Temperton & Will Viles), Best On Screen (Robin Morgan), Best On Screen (Claire Travers), Student Come Dancing 2010: This whole project is the culmination of a huge collaborative effort between a whole host of people. From selecting judges, contestants, professional dancers, auditioning presenters, organising a venue and preparing the whole show; this is truly the biggest event ever organised by CUTV.

Filming the actual event was the first time CUTV had recorded a major event in front of a live audience. This all look a lot of planning and co-ordination to make sure that the final edit was professional and watchable. A couple of technical hiccoughs aside, I think we achieved this pretty well. The result is a vibrant, exciting and entertaining show that is full of life. The sheer scale of things in terms of money raised to host it and raised for charity through ticket sales and donations alongside the number of people involved in making it possible made it a wonderful experience. Special mention should also go to Ceri Isfryn who was tireless in every aspect of making this show possible. In actuality, this was her night, CUTV simply came along and filmed!