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    Like This - Vinyl Life


    by tapetheory

    Available now at, iTunes, and Beatport. This is track 1 on Side B of the debut album from NYC's VInyl Life.

    "I am FEELING the album man! It's fresh and original and sounds like nothing else out there which is always a plus in my book! " - Cozmo D of Newcleus

    "THE RECORD IS HOT" - Grand Wizzard Theodore

    "Every once in a while something comes along that knows no boundaries, knows no limits, knows no right from wrong, and my world gets turned upside down." 8/10 - Music Critics

    "With extreme precision, know-how and old school equipment, the NYC electro group Vinyl Life releases their debut album on Tape Theory. The aesthetics are something completely new." - The Futurist

    Slip their tracks on that old boombox of yours; you won't have a clue what hit you. - TECHNOCOLORKIDS