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    Pakistan Foils Plot to Bomb Western Targets in Islamabad


    by NTDTelevision

    Pakistani authorities succeeded in preventing a major militant attack. Two militants were arrested for attempting to blow up sites in Islamabad that is frequented by foreigners along with government buildings.

    Pakistani police have foiled a plot to blow up a hotel and restaurant in Islamabad’s diplomatic zone and government buildings. Police say they’ve arrested two militants associated with the Taliban.

    [Bani Amin Khan, Islamabad's Acting Police Chief]: (Male, Urdu)
    "His first target was F-8 Kachehri where he had to launch two suicide bombers simultaneously. Then they had planned to attack "15" (police rescue unit, a telecommunications building, F-10 (area) girls' college, the Serena hotel and the French Club and to kidnap some foreigners."

    One of the alleged militants, Noor Jahan, admitted that he participated in the planning of the attacks and provided logistics and suicide jackets to the bombers, in return for money paid to him by the Taliban.

    Police say both militants had planned to carry out attacks on government buildings on Tuesday, Pakistan's National Day.

    [Noor Jahan, Alleged Militant]: (Male, Urdu)
    'They paid me 50,000 rupees for the first blast and 40,000 rupees for the second blast."

    Jahan helped carry out the suicide attacks on the U.N. World Food Program in New Delhi last year.